Saturday, March 16, 2013

Higgs Bosun and You

Well well well, a basically unstable particle at the center of the universe explains a lot about this week, doesn't it?

Marion Dimali (Theatre Director, Vienna): "so, in what way ist the finding of the "god particle" explaining the election of the new pope, who is about to become the biggest scientific backlash since galileo galileis excomunikation in his bringing back of the devil to the katholic church? ;)"

G:  Instability of the material world, Darl; entropy is certain, the way things fall apart eventually. Like the papacy, my accounting, and all things bad and beautiful. The particles of us, even the God-particles of us, are temporal, finite and inherently flawed. There's something very reassuring to know that even God shows his crack when you get him in the right position. 

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